Projects: Biosolids Analysis

Laboratory Testing to Support Land Application and Composting Programs

American performs laboratory testing to support Biosolids land application programs. Also known as sewage sludge, Biosolids are used to enhance agricultural and silvicultural production. Biosolids are the nutrient–rich organic byproducts resulting from wastewater treatment. Biosolids are not raw human waste, and do not include ash from incinerators, grit and screenings collected during preliminary treatment of wastewater, industrial residues, municipal solid waste, or hazardous waste. Biosolids can take several forms, including a liquid, a rich moist soil, a dried pellet, or compost. Biosolids, when used according to regulations, are safe and can be used as a soil amendment, a fertilizer, as an ingredient in compost, or as an energy source. American has the expertise necessary to assist you in your Biosolids program.