Winter at the Beach

It is hard for me to understand that more illegal dumping has occurred  on Long Island: .

After the publicity surrounding previous investigations (Roberto Clemente Park, and West Hills), the awareness of the hazards associated with the contaminated material is well known, thanks to the news media coverage of the dumping. How could there be such little regard for our environment?

I love New York – I have lived here my whole life, on Long Island’s beautiful north shore.  From the many natural preserves, farm land, wineries, top rated beaches and historic treasures, Long Island is full of natural resources and attractions – many that sustain our economic growth and viability.

The beach is hardly the first place I would think of going to over the weekend during Long Island’s winter months, and yet that’s exactly what I did this weekend. Field 5 is home to the Fire Island Lighthouse. It’s a 3/4 mile walk from the parking area through a winding nature trail. Taking advantage of the warmth of the sun against the wind, I walked along the railed wooden path towards the lighthouse.


It is always a wonder to me to spot one of the beautiful deer in the brush area along the dunes. On this occasion, I was fortunate to see a doe with two of her fawns. Like magic – they were there and then they darted off and disappeared.



Back on the trail to the beach to catch the sunset – the real colors come out after the sun actually sets. There is a foggy haze that hangs over the shells and pebbles, mixing with the sunset colors until the sea and sky blend together.




Just beautiful.

People need to fall in love with their surroundings; maybe then they might be more inclined to protect them.