Projects: Water Pollution Control Facility

Full Suite Environmental Testing Parameters for Soil Waste Characterization

American Analytical is currently working with a Connecticut consulting firm on the Metropolitan District (MDC) Wet Weather Expansion Project (WWEP).

The purpose of this $350M project is to design new influent, primary, and wet weather treatment facilities at the Hartford Water Pollution Control Facility (HWPCF). American’s tasks for Contract 2012-21 included assisting in Phase II type environmental evaluations by providing analysis on soil samples for the HWPCF site and an off-site parcel, and characterizing soil for excavation during construction.

American analyzed environmental samples for organic and inorganic parameters, including volatiles, semi volatiles/polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, polychlorinated biphenyls, RCRA metals, total petroleum hydrocarbons by CT ETPH method and RCRA characteristics in 16 samples in the initial phase, and will categorize nearly 200 samples in the second phase.

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