Projects: NY Superfund Site

American Analytical is currently providing environmental testing and analytical support services to a contractor working under the DivisionĀ of Environmental Remediation (DER) of the Department of Environmental Conservation at a site in Brooklyn, NY.

Based upon investigations conducted to date, the primary contaminants of concern are PCBs.

Building material (brick and mortar) contained PCB concentrations in excess of 50 ppm, the New York State and Federal Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) definition of PCB hazardous waste, in 35 percent of the 165 analyzed samples. The site presents a significant environmental threat due to the potential for PCB releases from source areas both within and beneath the building.

American analyzed solid, soil, liquid and wipe samples for PCB analysis on an emergency expedited turn-around, coupled with full suite Form U parameters for off-site disposal of PCB-contaminated building materials.


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